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Top 10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

Top 10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

Guest post by David Gomes

So many people are concerned about the secret superfoods that’ll boost health and weight loss, but no superfood will work if you keep eating all the bad stuff, too. It’s never good to cut foods from your diet that you’re used to eating, or you might end up losing your willpower and binge eat a while later, but there are a few foods it’s probably better never to even try in the first place.
1. Potatoes
Obviously, greasy French fries and those tiny bags of chips with hundreds of calories aren’t helping you, but it turns out potatoes themselves are a culprit of weight gain. In a study of over 120,000 people, the top two foods related to weight gain were potato chips and potatoes. According to NPR, with every daily serving of potatoes people gained more than 1.25 pounds every four years.
2. Soft Drinks
Remember that study? The third food related to weight gain was sugary drinks, more commonly known as soft drinks. Although you might not want to abandon the sugary flavor, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) gives you quite a few reasons to –most contain around 150 calories, so just drinking one can a day make you gain 5 pounds a year. You can see how this could quickly contribute to obesity.

3. Diet Soft Drinks
Nope, diet isn’t any better, either says Time Magazine. A study of over 700 people showed that drinking diet soda daily caused participants to gain an average of 3.2 pounds compared to the .8 pounds people who didn’t drink diet soda gained. Another study mentioned by Time showed that artificial sweeteners might alter bacteria in the gut and lead to diabetes-like symptoms like glucose intolerance.

4. Processed Meat
Processed is a dirty word, and with good reason, even when it comes to hot dogs, bacon, and meaty goodness. In 2015 WHO announced processed meat was carcinogenic to humans and causes cancer. A separate study found similar results – for every 1.8 ounces of processed meat you eat daily, you increase your risk of lower stomach cancers by 18 percent.

5. Canned Foods
According to the Guardian, BPA, a synthetic estrogen, has been linked to a variety of ills, from cancer to reproductive problems, and even heart disease. Unfortunately, even though we know it’s bad for people, it’s still found in many canned foods. This might be one thing you want to cross off your shopping list.

6. Low-Fat Foods
If you thought low-fat foods were part of a healthier diet, think again. According to the BBC, to make foods low-fat, food companies have to make a lot of changes, none of which are good for your health. Taking away fat takes away flavor, so they throw in a bunch of sugar or artificial sweeteners. This makes low-fat foods high in refined carbs, which makes your blood sugar spike after eating it. Also, when you cut fat, you might also be cutting some of those good, unsaturated fats.

7. White-flour based foods
Time to invest in whole-grain bread and pasta, plain starches have little nutritional value aside from their carbs, which can make your blood sugar spike. You need some carbohydrates for energy, but probably not as many as you’re eating right now. According to the Huffington Post, a study showed that people who eat low-carb, high-fat diets burned 300 more calories than people on low-fat or moderate-carb diets.

8. Fried foods
Your mouth waters at even the scent of fried food, but try to keep it closed, because these foods are terrible for your health. According to HSPH, a Harvard study looked at over 100,000 people and found that when they ate fried food once a week or more, they increased their risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The more they ate, the higher their risk, so if you ate it just 4 to six times a week, they increased their risk 39 percent.

9. Vegetable oils
Cooking with vegetable oils like sunflower and corn oil release high concentrations of aldehydes, chemicals that increase your risk of cancer says the Telegraph. Also, because they’re high in omega-6, they interfere with the brain’s functioning, which works best on omega-3s.

10.  Baked goods
You probably already know this, but most baked goods are high in sugar and calories and don’t offer much nutrition, even when they’re home-made. However, they’re even worse when they’re store bought. The American Heart Association warns their high in saturated fat and usually made with refined sugars and white flower.

Although most people agree it’s okay to indulge every once in a while, when it comes to these foods the less, the better.

Author Bio

David Gomes completed his M.S Professional degree in California Institute of Technology. He is  a Health and Wellness expert. He lives in Oakland, California, USA. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and on-line publication sites. He also loves latest technology, gadgets. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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