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Healthy Party Food for Kids

Imagine your kids went to a birthday party and didn’t come home “sugar drugged”, high on artificial flavours, additives, colours, MSG and other scary ingredients? Imagine they came home happy, balanced, nourished and ready to have a shower and go to bed?

Unfortunately, in the party scene today the reality is that our kids are being fed food that if we as parents really knew or understood what it contains we would never allow it to to be legal.

So I say why don’t we simplify things, create healthy, easy, nourishing snacks to serve at parties. Throw out the illumines candies, I am here to show you and give you ideas of healthy, balanced, nourishing and exciting food snacks that you can serve at your children’s party.

Lets start with the juices: Instead of sodas and factory produced fruit juices why not blend or juice a couple of watermelons? They taste just as good and are much nicer to your kids sugar levels and the environment (since you are not buying all the plastic). Flavoured water- think cut up fruits in water served with arty straws creating a melody of colours.

Fruit- it can be served in a boring fashion or a very exciting fashion. Try, rainbow fruit skewers, strawberry-chocolate dipped fruit pops or a fruit platter shaped creatively (you can draw inspiration from pinterst). You can even go as far as making a fruit cake which is very impressive.


Popcorn is a fabulous (and cheap) replacement to chips, you can flavour the pop-corn either sweet (honey and cinnamon) or salty (coconut oil and rock salt) or even both and divide into individual paper bags.


Sweet potato and potato hot wedges with guacamole are always a hit (just toss with some olive oil and sea salt and bake in the oven till crispy).

Home made oatmeal cookies (with either raisins or choc chips) or make the cookie batter, spread it out on a baking tray and toast in the oven to create a home made granola which you can serve in small cups with fresh yogurt and some berries.

Kiddie friendly vegetables including cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, baby steamed broccoli trees, carrot sticks, celery sticks, bell pepper sticks which would be serve with a homemade hummus or tzaziki dip (yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt and pepper). Kids love to dip and you can create small individual dipping cups with the dip placed at the bottom and the vegetable sticks placed inside.

Kids are coming to the party to have fun, meet their friends and celebrate the birth of a close friend. The focus should be on the entertainment. The food, it’s job is to nourish your child, replenish the fuel stores and give your child the energy and nutrients to enjoy and play.

For more recipes and exciting party food ideas that are healthy, yummy and nourishing check out Karin’s book that she co-authored with Clara Luboff, Kids Party Food – Easy, Creative and Healthy.

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