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If you eat alot of tuna, you should read this

Yes, tuna is a great protein source but most of us are eating too much of this convenient canned food.

Because tuna is a large fish, is accumulates alot of pollutants from the ocean, the most dangerous of them being methyl mercury.

The danger with consuming too much methyl mercury is methyl mercury poisoning. For unborn babies, infants, and children, the primary health effect of methyl mercury poisoning is impaired neurological development. Methyl mercury exposure in the womb, which can result from a mother’s consumption of fish and shellfish that contain methyl mercury (tend to be the large fish like tuna), can impact cognitive thinking, memory, attention, language, fine motor and visual spatial skills.

So explore other alternatives like sardines and choose light tuna which is lower in mercury.

Limit your tuna consumption, if you have kids you want to make sure that their tuna consumption does not go above 1-2 a month.

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