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#KarinKnows: Raw nuts vs. Roasted Nuts

This week, we received a query via email: Why exactly are raw nuts better than roasted? Also, can you explain the problem with peanuts? (I understand we aren’t to eat these, right?)”

Raw nuts and seeds are more nutritious than roasted or baked nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are full of healthy fats (and other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and healthy fiber) but these healthy fats are very sensitive to heat and they have a low heat threshold therefore when we roast or bake them we ruin the good fats that are so beneficial. Always opt to buy RAW, un-toasted, un-roasted nuts and seeds if you can.

Peanuts are both good and bad. They are good because they help lower the triglycerides in our blood (keeping our arteries clean and flowing) but they are one of the most pesticide sprayed crops around and They are frequently contaminated with a carcinogenic mold called aflatoxin. But you can solve the problem by buying organic where you can.

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