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Beyond Dieting- Food Mindfulness

The terms: “Mindfulness”, “Being Present”, “Aware”, these are terms that are often used in the psychological, religious, spiritual and meditation world. But they refer to our basic needs, thoughts and...

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Your Health and Wellbeing guide to Bourobadour and Bali

Being a wellness warrior (someone who promotes natural nutrition, fitness & integrated medicinal remedies) my trips revolve around finding the most health conscious resorts, retreats, restaurants and fitness studios. Over...

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Healthy Party Food for Kids

Imagine your kids went to a birthday party and didn’t come home “sugar drugged”, high on artificial flavours, additives, colours, MSG and other scary ingredients? Imagine they came home happy,...

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#Karin Knows- Interesting Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Who knew but Apple Cider vinegar has so many uses; 1. Natural skin refresher- since apple cider vinegar helps restore alkalinity in the body, if applied to ones face with...

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What to eat when you feel bloated

There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated. You feel uncomfortable and you’re overly obsessing over how you look. Here’s what you need to know about being bloated: Causes: -Hypo (too little)...

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