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What your chocolate craving is trying to tell you….

Are you one of those people who cannot live without chocolate? Cannot get enough of it? Many of are chocolate lovers but some of us are craving chocolate and cravings...

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The difference between Cacao and Cocoa & a Almond chocolate bliss ball recipe

Cacao refers to the plant, a small evergreen tree, which is cultivated for its seeds, also known as cacao beans or cocoa beans. The term “chocolate” refers to the a...

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Yay- why we should train for shorter periods!

Most people exercise to loose weight. That’s a waste of time. Exercise is not about burning calories. The fact that people focus on how many calories they loose when the...

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Importance of Iron in children’s diet

Iron is a nutrient that is essential to your child’s growth and development. Iron is a mineral that’s needed to make hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of red blood cells. Red...

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7 Ingredients to run away from in the supermarket

High Corn fructose syrup– linked to obesity, insulin resistance and belly fat Trans Fat (also known as shortening, partially or fully hydrogenated vegetable oil)- linked to heart disease cancer and...

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