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Top 10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

Top 10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Health Guest post by David Gomes Introduction So many people are concerned about the secret superfoods that’ll boost health and weight loss,...

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How To Work Out Like… Jessica Biel

She takes to the great outdoors: Whether it’s walking her dog, biking through NYC, or taking an outdoor run, Jessica is all about getting outside. It makes total sense: raised...

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Why is it so important to train till you get the stitch?

Lactic acid, is considered a waste product by our body. Lactic acid allows the body to perform better for longer. New research has shown that lactic acid circulating through the...

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Yay- why we should train for shorter periods!

Most people exercise to loose weight. That’s a waste of time. Exercise is not about burning calories. The fact that people focus on how many calories they loose when the...

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Should I eat before I exercise?

Should you eat before you exercise? I have been asked this question at least 5 times in the past week alone. The theory behind NOT eating before working out, is...

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