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Your Health and Wellbeing guide to Bourobadour and Bali

Being a wellness warrior (someone who promotes natural nutrition, fitness & integrated medicinal remedies) my trips revolve around finding the most health conscious resorts, retreats, restaurants and fitness studios. Over...

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How To Eat Healthy When You Travel

The kids are off school and you’re all set for the beach vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months, or you’re ready to go home and find comfort in...

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Nutritious N Delicious’ Guide to Keeping Healthy in Singapore

Keeping healthy in the Lion city is easier than you think. Knowing where to shop, eat or take away makes a huge difference to your health and waistline. I have...

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Ubud Spiritual Trip

Better Late than never, I have been promising to post pictures of this trip for ages and here they are… Last year I visited on of the most beautiful places...

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Eating well when you travel

Without access to your kitchen, personal trainer and morning green smoothie your vacation or business trip could result in a nutritional disaster which can lead to a few extra pounds,...

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