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DEMYSTIFYING PROBIOTICS 80% of your immune system sits in your your GUT. And therefore it is said that if your GUT is healthy you are healthy. If the Gut hosts...

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What to do if you get a cold, sinus infection or cough

In line with the what to eat when you have the flu piece that we published last week, we’ve received feedback and inquiries about other ailments as well. If you...

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What to eat when you have the flu

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to stay healthy, the flu hits you like a pile of bricks. Really, there’s nothing good about having the flu – you feel and look...

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Immune boosting Smoothie

#‎Kenwood‬ Asia have asked me to write a recipe book for their new Blender (how cool is that?!?). I did and now the blender is for sale at all Asian...

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How to strengthen your child’s immune system naturally

Most parents know that winter equals germs. Germs equal sick kids, and we all hate having sick kids. I am not pretending to say that nutrition will prevent your kids...

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