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When we eat to feed an emotion…

When we eat to feed an emotion… Guest Blog Written by Muriel Bauer, Psychotherapist and Life Coach Food is what keeps you alive. As meals are such an important component...

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Reading Food Labels

If you ever went shopping with me, you would know I am  a huge fan of reading food labels. Sometimes products are marketed as super healthy but in fact are...

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What your chocolate craving is trying to tell you….

Are you one of those people who cannot live without chocolate? Cannot get enough of it? Many of are chocolate lovers but some of us are craving chocolate and cravings...

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Are you still counting your calories?

Well if you are- wake up, the calorie counting days are sooooooooo over! Your dietitian, trainer and/or doctor may all have told you to limit calories in food and avoid...

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Is your daily coffee making you fat?

As you can see, I am on the roll when it comes to coffee drinking…. How many cups of coffee do you have per day? Most people will have at...

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