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Mini Makeover Plan: Best for specific short term health goals

Perfect for anyone who is looking to target a specific short term goal. This 3 session plan is for pregnant women interested in learning what to eat for each trimester, GUT health issues (for example IBS, leaky GUT, candida… or any chronic GUT issues), specific immune system issues, for children’s program and for anyone who is dipping their toes in the nutrition and health world. A full nutritional and health assessment including; your eating habits, your health concerns, your lifestyle, your attitude, your motivation, your focus and your goals will be done to evaluate the next steps. A new diet plancooking methods, recipes and how to successfully implement and maintain your plan will be given to you

What can you expect from a consultation with me?
Our first session will include a detailed assessment and intake (we go over many questions that help me see the full picture of your health problem, including your concerns, dilemmas, ideas, requests and goals). We will go over your eating habits, medical documents and tests and any medication or supplementation you are taking. We will discuss and agree together on an action plan.
I then proceed to make a personalised menu plan to back our action plan. The menu plan will be fitting to your health concern and goals. It will include a shopping list (and advise on where to source the different ingredients in Singapore), recipes (including my own recipes and also advise on books, blogs and other recipes sources that can be useful), supplement advise (I might prescribe supplements which you may source from me or I can help you source).
You will be able to go over your menu plan and ask me questions (via the email or in our next consultation) and we will fine tune the menu plan to fit you and your lifestyle. The next sessions are devoted to:
Nutrition education (cooking, label reading, additional information about your condition, lifestyle recommendations, natural therapies to support your journey and more…). Handouts, checklists & DIY Resources will be supplied.
Advise and tips on how to implement my suggestions and advise into your lifestyle, practical advise.
Going over your food journal (diet diary) weekly or monthly (accountability)

All forms of communication — include phone and emails are welcomed during the duration of the program.

Skype, facetime or whatsapp consultations can also be done due to time or travel constrains

Each person will receive a complementary recipe booklet.

Contact KarinCancellation Policy

What to bring to a consultation:

Your completed patient questionnaire
(I will email this to you before our first consultation)

• Bottles or boxes of any medications or supplements you are currently taking or using regularly

• Your completed diet diary for 5-10 days (I will email this to you before our first

• Copies of any medical test results that you may have had (from the past 12 months) e.g. blood tests, ultrasound reports, bone density reports, colonoscopies etc…


“I have just had my second baby and was looking to feel more energetic, loose a few pounds (while still nursing my son) and make sure that my nutrition was up to speed. I met Karin and cannot recommend her enough. She taught me in a patient, gentle manner how to menu plan, shop and cook in a way that will nourish myself and my whole family. We all eat the same meals and the best part is that I never went on a diet, I just ate sensibly according to Karin’s plan and all my excess weight came off, I found I had more energy and best of all my baby boy is thriving.”

Anna- Singapore (Post Natal Weight Loss)


“Karin is a warm, caring, passionate, professional, qualified nutritionist who gives you her all. Having her help me through my pregnancy provided me with reassurance that I am nurturing my child in the best possible way. Her menu plan was very detailed, with all the do’s and don’ts, recipes and advice. I love that she is not extreme and always makes sure that her menu plan will work with your way of life.”

Natalie- Sydney (Prenatal Nutrition)


“I sort after a nutritionist to help me strengthen my child’s immune system. I found that my child was getting sick every other week and seemed like antibiotics was a weekly habit in our family.  Healthy living is a priority to me and with Karin’s advice I feel I have refined my health and nutritional knowledge. Karin has really helped me understand and equipped me with tools, knowledge and recipes to help elevate my child health. I am happy to say that since we embarked on this new healthy living plan my child is not sick as often, and is thriving.”

Ada- Singapore (Children’s Nutrition)

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required for cancellations.

Otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of the fee will be charged when appointments are missed or rescheduled within 24 hours of the booking.

I respect that in some circumstances, 24 hours notice cannot be given and hence discretion will be exercised in these situations.

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