The Rosy Cheeked Kids Lunch Boxes and Party Food E-Cookbook

Our story begins on a tropical Singapore afternoon in 2013.

Clara (food stylist and super chef, mama to Sienna and Lia) has a green juice play date with Karin (nutritionist and wellness warrior, mama to Milan and Rio).

We are two regular mamas who have kids the same age. We both care about the environment, we both want our kids to eat fresh, nourishing, tasty food, AND we both think that the children party and lunch box scene desperately needs a “make-over”.

In a world where food education and materials are readily available for anybody who wants them, gone should be the days of trans fat, chemical ridden, artificial, preserved sugar -packed food that contains zero nutrients. Our children’s food is there to nourish them and not burden their little bodies.

Being a duo who’s careers revolve around food and nutrition, our mission is to inspire you to serve tasty, creative, healthy, simple and nourishing foods. So we went to our kitchens and developed over 50 tasty, easy recipes, that will make your little one’s happy day and lunch box just that little bit healthier.

The Rosy Cheeked-Kids lunch box ideas and Party food book is a proud product of our passion and effort. This book was born out of love for our children and our drive to make this a better place for our kids, and it is our immense pleasure to be able to share it with you.

We are reaching out to all the mama’s and papa’s of the world and calling on you to come along with us on the real food revolution. We really hope to inspire your future party planning and your weekly lunchbox planning. After all, our children’s busy growing bodies deserve it!

* Because we know that all children are different we have provided information about our recipes: In every recipe you will find information about gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan or vegetarian.


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