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Home made Milk Kefir

Home made Yogurt-Kefir

1 Glass jar with a good lid- sterilized with boiling water
1 tbsp of Kefir milk grains
1 cup of full fat milk (organic if possible, not UHT)- also good with Goats milk
Strainer (needs to be made form plastic not metal)
1 wooden spoon (not from metal)

To make:
Soak the kefir grains in the milk. Leave on the kitchen counter (in a warm place not with direct sun light) for 12 H. After 12 H- 24H (depending on how sour you like the taste) shake the jar alittle then strain the grains (we pour the milk + the grains into the strainer over a a clean sterilized glass jar). Then take the left over grains and place in a new clean, sterilized jar with new fresh milk. 1tbsp of grains in 1 cup of milk.
Then place the 12 H kefir which has already a consistency of yogurt in the fridge. The longer you leave in the fridge the more sour it will get.

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