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Home Made Pickles- my mama’s recipe

I love home made pickles, they make every meal just so much better (plus they remind me of home).

I take time to make my own home made pickles because I want to avoid the MSG (flavor enhancer), extra sugar and alittle too much salt used by the food manufacturers.

Making home made pickles (and other fermented foods) ensures that I get a good dose of pro and biotics (the good gut bacteria) which helps keep my digestion on track, my immune system working and my health in check. If you are suffering from bloating, a slow or sluggish bowel, a weak immune system or an acidic diet (too much alcohol, bread, meat, sugar) then you might be low on your good gut bacteria. This is a good way to top it up.

So this is what you need:

* 1 large glass jar

* 10-15 small cucumbers washed

* 1 head of garlic cloves separated

* 1 large bunch of dill -washed

* 1-2 red chillies

* Salt

* White Vinegar used for pickling

*Filtered water

To make:

1. Wash the dill and cucumber

2. Line a jar with dill, garlic and chilli and pour 2 tbsp of vinegar on top


3. Place the cucumbers inside the jar, tightly next to each other. In between the cucumbers place a couple of crushed/smashed garlic , dill and chilli.


4. Dissolve 2 flat tbsp of salt in 1/3 cup hot water water. Pour the salty water into 3/4 cup of regular filtered water (you now have 1 cup of water all together).

5. Pour the water on the cucumbers and if you need add in some more filtered water. The cucumbers need to be covered in water.


6. Close the lid, turn upside down once or twice and let it mix.

7. Place the pickles outside (half sun, half shade) for about 5 days (if you are in winder you might need 7 days). Taste the pickles when you think they are ready. You can then place them in your fridge for another 2-3 days till they are really ready and walla – home made pickles :-)




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