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Warming orange lentil soup

Warming Orange Lentil Soup

500 grams orange lentils
1/2 pack fresh parsley
Large handful of celery leaves
1 large brown onion
2 peeled and chopped carrots
Salt and pepper to taste

To serve:
Juice of a fresh lime or half a lemon
Greek yogurt or goats yogurt or goats milk kefir
Sumac spice

To Make

Place the onion, lentils, carrots, celery leaves and parsley in the pot. Cover with filtered water about 3-4 cm above the ingredients. Bring to the boil, while stirring (make sure to stir in the white foam or remove it). Cook on low heat for another 15-20 min until the lentils, carrots and onion are very soft. Remove the parsley and celery leaves. Blend till smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste.
To serve: place soup in bowls, add a dollop of yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon of lime or lemon juice and a dash of sumac. It’s optional to add some chopped coriander on top to give it a green “ting”!

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