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Pregnancy & Fertility Nutrition

Whether I am treating someone who is looking to enhance fertility, undergoing assisted fertility treatments or is already pregnant I aim to educate and highlight the importance of using natural, organic and nutrient dense foods to create the optimal setting for a healthy pregnancy to occur.

My philosophy on pregnancy and fertility is to prepare your body ahead of time, with the extra nutritional requirements it needs to produce and sustain a healthy pregnancy: activated folate, activated B vitamins, zinc, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin C and essential fatty acids (omega 3’s). You should be primarily getting these nutrients from living foods and your prenatal supplement should be your “insurance policy”.

Focus on getting the right foods – on nutrient density and not on calories or servings. This will ensure that you get all the right foods and keep your weight, blood sugar and mood in check.

Having also experienced 2 pregnancies on my own body has lead me to deeply investigate, enquire and gain knowledge about the best natural and nutritional methods to enhance fertility, and facilitate a safe, healthy and productive pregnancy.

My treatments might include detoxing (for pre-natal fertility) and specific trimester by trimester menu plans that aim to help alleviate symptoms and also cater towards the baby’s growing needs. We speak about preparing the body for birth, what to eat after the birth, breastfeeding and even introducing solids.


Pregnancy related issues that can be improved with diet

  • Fertility
  • Managing nausea
  • Managing constipation
  • Managing cravings and maintaining normal weight gain
  • Minimizing stress (avoiding stress hormones crossing the placenta) and reducing muscle cramps/spasms
  • Improving your sleep (you will definitely need it when the newborn arrives)
  • Fluid retention and swelling
  • Varicose Veins/ Haemorrhoids
  • Blood glucose imbalances and gestational diabetes
  • Preparation for birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Introducing solids to baby

Cut out: processed foods, junk foods, preservatives, artificial flavorings.
Make sure you are drinking 2L of filtered water a day
Reduce the amount of grains you are eating and try stick to the gluten free grains like brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat.
Make sure that you are getting the good fats like avocado, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts and seeds while avoiding the harmful fats like hydrogenated vegetable oils.
Protein is very important for you however it is important to chose quality over quantity. Make sure that where you can you are choosing grass fed, free range and organic. Try introducing vegetarian sources of protein like legumes and lentils too, they are full of important nutrients and fiber.
Focus on fresh, organic (where possible), seasonal produce and get back to basics by making healthy home-made foods as much as possible.


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