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Wellness Speaker

As a wellness speaker my job it is to motivate, inspire and educate people about the science of being healthy.

In my 10 years as a nutritionist I’ve developed and delivered corporate wellness programs including lifestyle topics, nutrition and cooking demo’s to help high powered executives and busy employees live a healthy life on the go. I also regularly guest speak at top health forums and organisations around Asia Pacific with topics ranging across children’s health, men’s health, women’s health (including hormonal imbalances, fertility nutrition, pre and post natal), family health, weight loss and management,living longer, skin health, anti-ageing, sleep, energy, general nutrition and diet trends.

Talks and workshops will vary from 20 min to 3 hours and can include a cooking demo or an antioxidant food tasting. I can tailor a session to suit most purposes.

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 Guest Blogging

I love to spread the nutrition knowledge that I have accumulated over the years in a very simple and digestible manner so that anyone can learn and implement important nutritional and wellness tips into their lifestyles. I have written for numerous online and hard copy publications around Asia. Some of these include:

A Nutritionist’s Guide To Keeping Healthy (And Sane) Long-Term

I’m a nutritionist and I totally let my diet and exercise regimen go … once in a while. I’ve been in the health business for a long time, and I’ve realized that if I’m too rigid with my healthy habits, I get bored and feel like I am punishing myself and eventually lose my motivation.

Yoga retreat in Thailand: Stretch and detox at Koh Samui’s famous wellness resort Kamalaya

Relax and re-charge at Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand Karin G. Reiter, a nutritionist and fitness instructor based in Singapore, has busy schedule with her clinic, kids, husband, lectures and social life. Like many of us, she needed to recharge her batteries and hit the reset button with yoga, super healthy food and a good night of sleep.

Which Foods to Eat for Your Trimester? We ask our Nutritionist! – Sassy Mama

One of the biggest myths out there (and ladies you know what I am talking about) is that pregnant women should eat for two. True or false? Big false on this one. It’s true that during pregnancy a woman has to provide good nutrition for two individuals.

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