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By Ada, Singapore

"Karin has really helped me understand and equipped me with tools, knowledge and recipes to help elevate my child health. I am happy to say that since we embarked on this new healthy living plan my child is not sick as often, and is thriving.

By Tali, London

"You have built me a diet to suit my needs as a working mother who suffers from Crohns, IBS and Colitis. You were always available to answer my ongoing questions. I cannot possibly put into words what a difference this makes to my quality of life.”

By Anonymous, Singapore

“Karin, words cannot thank you enough, for the first time in my life, I am in the normal weight range, I have stopped my diabetes medication, my anti depressants and I am intimate again with my partner, you have literally changed my life.”

By Dana

“Well I really cannot thank you ladies enough for the encouragement (cruel to be kind :0)) and support and the awesome programme you offered and I cannot believe I won!     Really words cannot thank you or express what it has meant to me and I guess the best thing is to look at the before and after pictures - as my husband pointed out this morning other than the smile my posture is like a different person.   30cm off and I am so happy and feeling ready to conquer Christmas and the new year and feel confident I will survive. Again - there really isn't words that can express my gratitude for this experience nor sing your praises high enough about what a wonderful programme you do.”

By Joe Nabou, Fitness Director, Fiji Fitness Limited

“Fiji Fitness is thrilled to be working with Karin. She is excellent in the group workshops which are always very interactive and good fun. Our clients have nothing but praise for Karin who diligently prepares for each session and educates us in the process. She has a lovely manner in working with our clients and has bags of enthusiasm. We would highly recommend the supermarket tour with Karin as many of our clients have loved this.”

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