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By Kandy Singapore

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful information at this amazing course.  Excellent information, awesome suggestions and resourceful ideas!  Thanks as well for the additional nutrition information and delicious choice of recipes. You have inspired me:)”

By Tracey- Singapore

“Thank you Karin for teaching my lovely helper Suzie the art of a healthy home. She enjoyed coming to your workshops, and we enjoyed the delicious recipes, advice and ideas. I am happy to say Suzie now manages all the cooking in the house and we are being fed a healthy, balanced diet”.

By Sassy Mama Singapore

“After your grand tour of the supermarket you’ll never reach for that bottle of ready-made pasta sauce without scanning the ingredients to track the sodium content and to sniff out whether there’s any MSG, hidden sugars and other nasties.” – Beate, freelance writer.

By Tracey- Singapore

Thanks so much Karin!  I am recommending the tour to all my friends, it was extremely informative.  I wish I took it when I first moved to Singapore.”

By Saori- Hong Kong

“Thank you very much for very interesting session last night! It reminded me of all the important things I need to bear in mind while planning meals for my three little ones! I got so inspired and today we prepared lentil curry together with organic vegetable ratatouille and brown rice! It was a big hit and my two toddlers finished everything in 10 mins, all by themselves :-)”

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