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By Erin- Singapore

“I have just attended your Kids Eat Healthy Workshop and I wanted to say that you made a difference for me tonight. I was looking for sound advice about what my kids should be eating, that was ethical but not alarmist, and I'm pleased to have received that from you. You gave me a huge reminder that I am 100% accountable and responsible for my children’s diet, and you've changed my mindset on how to deal with food refusal. (A big ah-huh moment!) My 3 year old is becoming quite argumentative, and this includes food. I've started saying 'I'm sorry, but I'm not arguing with you,' about behaviour, etc, and I will now be doing this for food, too. “

By Helen- Singapore

” A must for every parent and care taker, our children’s health is so important to us and the food we give them is their fuel. I definitely learned what not to give my kids but also learned some really exciting and inspiring ideas of what to give my kids and how to get them involved. I loved the strategies that Karin gives to handle the picky eaters and I love that she is not extreme, rather makes it seem as if we can all do so step by step”.

By Jodi- Singapore

“That was a FABULOUS, informative, enjoyable workshop this morning. I got so much out of it... Thank you so much”

By Mirko- Singapore

“Thank you for your amazing workshop. I have learned so new things about nutrition and fermentation, all of which I will put into practice. I found the workshop really clear, well presented and easy to follow.”

By Jen- Singapore

“Thank you for the really informative, fun workshop. I love that you pair the nutrition with the cooking- so we get the knowledge but also the practical use of this too. I have been suffering for so long with troubles in my GUT and I now know how to heal myself and take my health to the next level”.

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