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How to live your healthiest life after cancer

Target group: Cancer survivors People with a potential for higher risk factors: family history of cancer, genetic syndrome in the family, poor diet, obesity, use of tobacco, exposure to radiation and...

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The Healing Plan

Detailed menu plan, information and education coupled with an in depth cooking class that will teach you how to make easy, tasty healing foods. The class is divided into 2...

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The 6-Step Plan to Restore Hormonal Balance and Lose weight when you are over 35

Are you 35+? Has your body changed? Has your body changed despite you eating better than ever (avoiding sweets and carbs as much as you can), despite the fact that...

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Heal Your Gut, Fermentation Workshop (Level 1)

Bloating, constipation, mood swings, weight gain - this could be a sign your Gut is sluggish. Come along to understand your digestive tract and learn to make fermented foods to support gut health.

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Heal Your Gut, Fermentation Workshop (Level 2)

The natural progression for anyone who has done the first level of Basic Fermentation and wants to deepen their knowledge of the fermentation process.

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