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Healthy Cooking Classes for Domestic Helpers (Certificate)

Healthy Cooking Class for Domestic Helpers
Includes Healthy Cooking Certificate for Domestic helpers

Upcoming Dates: October 26 – November 30th on Thursdays
Cost: Paying in advance for 6 sessions: $600 ($100 per session), if paying individually each session $125.

Participants  joining ALL 6 sessions will earn a Healthy Cooking Certificate.

Picture yourself waking up to a healthy smoothie and homemade Muesli bowl? Healthy, nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare lunchboxes for the kids? Understanding how to read nutrition labels correctly and shop smartly? This program of 6 classes for your domestic helper will teach them menu planning for the week, home made fermentation techniques, soups, salads, breakfasts and a whole lot more.

Whether your domestic helper has been with you for years, or you’ve got someone new living in your home, send her to us to teach her and upgrade her knowledge about managing a healthy home.

Recipes are Gluten free, Dairy Free, Plant based, Low GI, Low sugar, Nutritious N Delicious. Recipes can be adjusted for allergies. All recipes are taught by Karin G. Reiter – Nutritionist

Who should do this workshop?
This workshop is specifically for domestic helpers. This helps them learn together with Karin in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. This workshop is taught in a demonstration setting (not hands on). Groups are maximum 20 and minimum 8.

What you get:

  • Over 40 healthy recipes
  • 6 sessions (1.5 h each) covering all the basics needed for a healthy home (including hygiene and storing of foods)
  • Healthy Cooking Certificate (for participants  joining ALL 6 sessions)

Lesson 1- The ABC of a healthy Home
Date: October 26th
Time: 10am-11:30am
Location: 6B Cairnhill Circle, Cairnhill Crest 06-09 (Orchard Area), 229813.

Ever wanted your helper to: correctly read labels at the supermarket to make sure she is buying the healthiest option? Menu plan for the week ahead and understand how to nutritiously put together a meal that contains the right ratio of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat?

The aim in this class is to to give your helper the ABC of managing a healthy home, what to buy, how to buy, how to store, how to menu plan, what ingredients should be in the house and how to make any recipe a healthy recipe.

Lesson 2- Healthy Breakfasts
Date: November 2nd
Time: 10am-11:30am
Location: 6B Cairnhill Circle, Cairnhill Crest 06-09 (Orchard Area), 229813.

Starting off the day with a nourishing meal is key to getting your health on track!

We will be learning:

  • Papaya, coconut and chia Elixir
  • Pineapple, cucumber,  ginger Juice
  • Everyone’s Favorite Chocolate smoothie- made from raw superfood ingredients
  • Vanilla nut milks- leaning all about home made nut milks
  • Home made anti-aging, superfood muesli
  • Creamy Swiss Bircher Muesli
  • Green Goddess Sauce (perfect addition for smoked salmon or eggs or as a salad dressing)
  • Home made cashew nut cheese
  • Seed Loaf- the ultimate gluten free, low carb high protein bread

Lesson 3- Juices, Smoothies, Salads and Soups
Date: November 9th
Time: 10am-11:30am
Location: 6B Cairnhill Circle, Cairnhill Crest 06-09 (Orchard Area), 229813.

This is an exciting class that aims to teach helpers all about juices, smoothies, soups and salads and to equip them with the knowledge and skill to creatively include more vegetables in one’s diet. Look forward to exciting recipes to improve breakfasts, lunch and dinner.


  • Information about how to  make the perfect smoothie and juice, info-graphics explaining the difference and the perfect formula for create healthy, balanced, nutritious, tasty smoothies and juices (and explaining the difference between smoothies and juices).
  • 3  Juice recipes
  • 6  Smoothie recipes
  • 10  Salad recipes + information about how to create a salad which is a nutritious meal. Info-graphic detailing how to build a nutritious salad that will serve as a whole meal.
  • 3  Soup recipes (including 2 super simple no cook soups perfect for the Singapore heat).

Lesson 4- Kids Healthy Lunchboxes
Date: November 16th
Time: 10am-11:30am
Location: 6B Cairnhill Circle, Cairnhill Crest 06-09 (Orchard Area), 229813.

This nut free, gluten and dairy free class will focus on healthy kid friendly foods that are easy to make, store and freeze. These foods are perfect for nourishing and nutritious lunch boxes.

  • Mini veggie fritata’s
  • Zucchini patties with tzaziki dressing
  • Coconut, maple waffles (low in sugar)
  • Chocolate macaroons
  • Kale pesto pasta salad that tastes nothing like Kale
  • Yellow turmeric hummus with crudities
  • Explanation about how to create a healthy lunch box- what should it include. We will be talking about healthy sandwich fillings, snack ideas and lots of nutritious add on’s that will keep your little (or big) ones happy and nourished.

Lesson 5- Fermentation
Date: November 23rd
Time: 10am-11:30am
Location: 6B Cairnhill Circle, Cairnhill Crest 06-09 (Orchard Area), 229813.

Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicious. Microscopic organisms –the good gut bacteria, transforms food and extends its usefulness. Fermentation is found throughout human cultures and has been used for hundreds of years. Hundreds of medical and scientific studies confirm what folklore has always known: Fermented foods help people stay healthy by boosting their immune system.

This workshop will teach your helper how to make, store and use different fermented foods. The workshop will focus on the recipes and how to use them.


  • Milk Kefir- home made yogurt, lactose free
  • Kefir Cheese- lactose free
  • Coconut Kefir water- Dairy free
  • Coconut yogurt- Dairy free
  • Preserved lemons
  • Sauerkraut
  • We will also supply recipes for smoothies, dips and suggested use of these basic fermented foods.

Lesson 6- Guilt free Indulging sweets
Date: November 30th
Time: 10am-11:30am
Location: 6B Cairnhill Circle, Cairnhill Crest 06-09 (Orchard Area), 229813


  • Chocolate Bliss- easiest, healthiest chocolate you will ever create and eat
  • Best ever Banana bread (muffins/cake)
  • Vanilla, cinnamon berry crumble
  • Chocolate banana oatmeal cookies
  • Baked chocolate banana boats
  • Coconut mango ice lollies 2 ways
  • Rainbow fruit platter

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“Thank you Karin for teaching my lovely helper Suzie the art of a healthy home. She enjoyed coming to your workshops, and we enjoyed the delicious recipes, advice and ideas. I am happy to say Suzie now manages all the cooking in the house and we are being fed a healthy, balanced diet”.

Tracey- Singapore




The location of the workshops is determined by the size of the class (we limit the size of the class to 25).
We will let you know the exact location of the class prior to signing up. The location will be in Orchard Area Singapore.

Can I bring my kids along with me to a workshop?
We are very happy to have you bring your kids along, however we would like you to note that most of the workshops have a lecture component and that would require your child to sit still for an hour without disturbing other participants.
Perhaps bringing along some games, an activity and a snack might help you child sit through-out the lecture component.

I cannot make the workshop date, will there be other workshops?
Yes, we update our dates quarterly, just check your required workshop for additional dates or email: Heidi@nutritiousndelicious.com

Can my domestic helper come to the workshop?
Yes, we welcome anyone and everyone in our workshops.

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