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Healthy Home Workshop

Learn how to stock your home with healthy foods, where to shop, how to menu plan in a productive practical way, read food labels, get lots of recipes and tips to convert your home to a Healthy Home.

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Beautiful Babies – Introducing Solids

Our most precious creations deserve to start their food adventure with the best, nourishing and wholesome foods. Create good habits form day one.

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Reboot Your Health – 3 Pillars of Health Workshop

Reboot your health with the 3 key pillars detoxification, energy and super nutrients. Stay healthy, vital and focused, lose unwanted weight, feel light and energetic and live longer.

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Anti Ageing Nutrition – Beautiful from the inside out

Your most reliable beauty tool is the food you eat every day. A healthy diet rich in nutrients will have you looking and feeling your best. Learn about boosting nutrient intake and how to incorporate superfoods into your skin and haircare for the most effective anti-ageing.

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