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By Anna- Singapore (Post Natal Weight Loss)

“I have just had my second baby and was looking to feel more energetic, loose a few pounds (while still nursing my son) and make sure that my nutrition was up to speed. I met Karin and cannot recommend her enough. She taught me in a patient, gentle manner how to menu plan, shop and cook in a way that will nourish myself and my whole family. We all eat the same meals and the best part is that I never went on a diet, I just ate sensibly according to Karin’s plan and all my excess weight came off, I found I had more energy and best of all my baby boy is thriving.”

By Ada- Singapore (Children’s Nutrition)

“I sort after a nutritionist to help me strengthen my child’s immune system. I found that my child was getting sick every other week and seemed like antibiotics was a weekly habit in our family.  Healthy living is a priority to me and with Karin’s advice I feel I have refined my health and nutritional knowledge. Karin has really helped me understand and equipped me with tools, knowledge and recipes to help elevate my child health. I am happy to say that since we embarked on this new healthy living plan my child is not sick as often, and is thriving.” By Ada- Singapore (Children's Nutrition)

By Natalie Buchter

"Karin is a warm, caring, passionate, professional, qualified nutritionist who gives you her all. Having her help me through my pregnancy provided me with reassurance that I am nurturing my child in the best possible way.” Natalie Buchter Chesler- Sydney Australia

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